Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flu update - flu spreads to 31 states up from 11 last week

Media FUD.

FUD - Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, TV News' biggest ally other than violent death

The three strains of flu hitting this year were not included in the
flu shots and the media is going nuts misreporting things on TV.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell either because some
stations are reporting that there is little or no protection against
the new strains while others are saying it does.
Somebody's gotta be wrong!
The government, of course, is urging you to pay for the old vaccine
anyway because a few years ago they promised the vaccine makers that
they would push any surpluss vaccine.

I still say get it because it offers some protection AND ANOTHER

Remember, there is virtually NO treatment for the flu (or common cold)
because they are viruses and anti-biotics don't work against them.
Tamiflu only works if taken almost before you realize you have the

Want to prevent the flu? Don't touch your face after toching public
objects such as doors. Anti-bacterial soap is worse than useless, it
kills easy-to-kill bugs and leaves the worst to flourish. Alcohol
wipes are no good unless they are about 70% alcohol. Wear gloves and
wash with regular soap.

Oh yes, and avoid people sneezing and coughing.



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