Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Be frightened of REAL threats, not just ones made up by politicians and TV reporters

While the TV news pundits and politicians are working hard to keep you
frightened of terrorists and the collapse of civilization as we know
it, the real threats are almost ignored. But, after all, if they don't
keep you scared and confused, why would you spend yourself into debt
to buy things they advertise that you don't need.

(Really now, just what danger are you PERSONALLY in from terrorists?
To estimate, try to compare how many in the U.S. have been killed by
terrorists over the past 20 years compared to how many die on the
highways each year due to drunk drivers. Beware the drunk driver, not
the terrorist.)

The flu is getting bad this year and the flu shots were for the wrong
strain. It was reported as "Widespread" last week in 11 states despite
the mild winter in many areas.

While the flu shots aren't for exactly this strain it will provide
some protection and shots are still available.

Since the flu kills about 35,000 people every year in the U.S., mostly
because people don't get flu shots, wake up and pay some attention to
real dangers – ones you can do something about.

(The bird flu which probably will hit us in the next few years, would
kill hundreds of thousands since it is almost 90% fatal.

Yet people worry about the silliest things which have almost no chance
of happening to them.

If the flu is so dangerous, why do most reporters and all politicians
ignore it? Simple, there is already a simple, low-cost prevention
available, all you need to do is get a flu shot and one for every
family member – if just 60% of the population did this, it would cut
fatalities by close to 80% or about 24,000 people each year (if more
people are protected the flu won't spread as much.)

So politicians can't ask for billion$$ to fund pet projects or scare
people into voting for some stupid jerk who promises to protect them.
That also means it isn't "news" fit for TV until we are well into the
yearly flu epidemic and it is too late to get a flu shot.

You can see the current CDC flu data at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/.

Get your flu shot dummy.

OK, terrorism is a REAL potential threat (as opposed to the flu which
we know kills tens of thousands each year), but the government
activities aren't protecting us.

Reports released recently say the U.S. is not any better prepared
today for nuclear, chemical, or biological terrorism than we were a
decade ago, despite all the money spent and all the civil liberties
they have taken away. Pennsylvania dropped the civil defense program
certifying radiologic monitors (people with Geiger counters who could
respond to a potential dirty bomb threat). I know because I used to be
a radiologic monitor until the program was dropped.

Remember, frightened people will agree to anything to stop being
frightened - even giving up their liberty. Politicians are relying on

Next time you hear a politician talk about fighting terrorism,
remember that we only inspect about 2% of all the air and sea cargo
comming into the U.S.

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