Sunday, February 03, 2008

Education? Get Real

Has your school guidance councilor mentioned any of these:

> If you can get into an Ivy League school the school will make certain you can afford tuition?
(It works like this, Harvard and other I.L. schools will waive tuition
if your family earns less than about $40,000 per year. This isn't some
scholarship you need to win, it is just as simple as applying.)

> Some college educations are a total waste of time and money – most people with a degree in non-technical subjects are still living with their parents and flipping burgers at 25. Math, engineering, and science majors get great jobs right out of college.

> While trade school training is a great idea, most of the TV ads are really bogus.
(You won't become the next great video game designer unless you have a
college degree in computer science; you won't become a great designer
just by learning a few computer programs – it really does matter if
you are an artist; a trade school education won't get you a great job
working with doctors and patients, it MAY get you a job filing in the
back office.)

> If you want a solid career then train for a job which can't be done via the internet or by someone in Asia earning $2/day. Carpenter, machinist, electrician, plumber, heavy equipment driver or truck driver, are all examples of solid careers which won't go to India or China in five years.

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