Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can You Stall Foreclosure?


What is "produce the note?"

You say your mortgage has passed
through so many hands that you don't
know who holds it now so you can't negotiate?

Well, guess what, the company
threatening you with foreclosure may
not know (or, more importantly, can't prove)
where your mortgage originated!

This is great news because in many
instances a judge won't order foreclosure
without the original "note" with your signature.

(There is also a more complicated way to do
this in States where a judicial order
isn't required.)

There is now a grass roots movement
to use a legal "produce the note" demand
to stall foreclosure long enough that homeowners
can work out something.

I'm not offering legal advice and have no idea
whether this will work in other jurisdictions
(the movement began in Florida) but, even
if foreclosure is inevitable, it only seems poetic
justice to tie up the companies which
preyed on novice home buyers.

It would also give you several months to prepare
for a move.

This doesn't apply to small banks and
credit unions which hold mortgages,
just those faceless investment firms you
never even heard of.

Find lots of details and FREE advice at

they even have free documents you can print.

Credit to my former employer Post-Newsweek
 (Washington Post) for a lead on this information.

Pass along the information to those who might
need it.


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