Monday, December 29, 2008


Concerning any controversy,
don't immediatly assign to
malice or conspiracy that
which can be explained by
mere stupidity.

Keep that rule in mind
and political science
will make sense.

Remember, Occam did
not work for Gillette.

insurance wisdom

People buy term life insurance in
case the unforseen happens.

You but whole life insurance
because the forseen will happen.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to buy a first home?

Is this the time to buy?

It very well could be if you have a strong belief that you will keep your job or business.

In addition to incredible bargains and the usual tax breaks, until july 09, you can get up to $7,500 tax CREDIT (not deduction). That means that if you owe $7,500 in taxes you pay nothing in federal tax. This applies to any home, new, used, etc. but only if you haven't owned a home for a few years and will make the new home your primary residence.

Fixed mortgage rates are likely to drop below 5% for a 30-year and you have the deal of a lifetime!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yes, it is a strange time of year

It struck me this week that this
can be a very strange time of year
when I go the mail box.

Sure, I really feel the Xmas spirit
when my broker, banker, and unknown
local car dealers send me cards wishing
me happy holidays, but there are are
even stranger (actually strangER'S) cards.

It seems that in addition to people
you've never met wishing you happy
holidays in an attempt to seem buddy,
buddy and get you to spend money
with them, but there are also these
strange postcards and Xmas cards
which carry photos of children and
adults (presumably their parents
but how can you be certain?)
none of whom I have ever seen.

These strange people don't seem
to have last names and may be
homeless so there is no way I 
can determine who they are even
as a former Google Answers

I may be incorrect about not having
last names or homes, but if they do
have full names they don't share
them and the only address I can
identify is just some postmark which
probably indicates the part of the
country they live in.

Sometimes I have suspicions as
to what branch of my enormous
extended family they may fit into,
but it is shear guess work at best.

So, just who are these people who
have never met me? Presumably they
know me well and think I know them
so well that all I need is a glance at a
blurry photo and a first name to instantly
place them.

Well, since I don't know who they are
or where they live I can't return the
season's greetings in person and I
guess this blog entry will have to do.

What if they are insulted because they
send me cards year after year and
I never reply?

Well, what do I care, after all, I have
no idea who they are anyway!

Happy Xmas,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cyber Bullies

After the suicide of a 13-year-old girl
who was bullied by an adult neighbor,
it was discovered that it wasn't
actually illegal in some states so new
laws were passed in and people
are now being prosecuted for similar

There are some complaints already
surfacing that this violates free speech.


As is the dumb statement that that "kids
will be kids."

Yes, kids will be kids, but names can
not only hurt but kill and it is the job of
adults and society in general to bring
up children as responsible social beings,
not dismiss bullying and other bad
behaviors as just "kid stuff."

Yes, it is kid stuff, but kids are basically
wild animals and as parents have increasingly
left the rearing of children to TV, movies,
and greedy media moguls, almost daily we
see more and more signs of just how close
we are coming to real-life "Lord of the Flys."

As a long time reporter and member of
the only non government profession other
than ministers which is actually protected
by the Constitution, I am very protective of free
speech, but what freedom do you have if we
fail to civilize the next generation?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Government Stupidity (what else?) this time credit card abuse

Today the Fed took steps to supposedly crack down on credit card
company practices which are so outrageous that they are virtually
fraudulent (and would actually be illegal for them
[as they still are for you and me]
if certain states and the Congress hadn't passed special exemptions
to usury and other laws).

They have outlawed little tricks such as doubling or tripling your
interest rates on existing balances
Sounds wonderful but the fine print not mentioned in most news
reports is that these laws won't take effect for years!

Long AFTER the current crisis is probably over.

Also, the fine print permits companies to cancel existing cards
and issue new ones with much higher rates –
guess what they are going to start doing. Come ON, take a WAG.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that these
new regulations need to not only go into effect immediatly,
they should be retroactive if they are to have any real benefit.

But, as we all know, there simply is no one in the current executive branch
of government with the slightest trace of common sense.


Friday, December 12, 2008

USPS Video on work at home scams

Check out this official video copied to youtube:
It is a basic introduction to scams.
You can make money working at home, but only if you build a business or get a salary job from some big employer.
You NEVER need to pay anything to get a legit offer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


"Whatever!" is not an argument.
IF it is NOT used as a shorthand metasyntatic variable
for the basic randomness of the universe and an
acceptance of both entropy and the consequences
of ignoring Darwin;
then it is merely slang for

Sure, I understand that teens brains aren't functioning fully
because they aren't yet completely developed (medical fact)
but parents can still make an effort to control them and
encourage them to learn their native language and
attempt to use it when their lips are flapping in public.