Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yes, it is a strange time of year

It struck me this week that this
can be a very strange time of year
when I go the mail box.

Sure, I really feel the Xmas spirit
when my broker, banker, and unknown
local car dealers send me cards wishing
me happy holidays, but there are are
even stranger (actually strangER'S) cards.

It seems that in addition to people
you've never met wishing you happy
holidays in an attempt to seem buddy,
buddy and get you to spend money
with them, but there are also these
strange postcards and Xmas cards
which carry photos of children and
adults (presumably their parents
but how can you be certain?)
none of whom I have ever seen.

These strange people don't seem
to have last names and may be
homeless so there is no way I 
can determine who they are even
as a former Google Answers

I may be incorrect about not having
last names or homes, but if they do
have full names they don't share
them and the only address I can
identify is just some postmark which
probably indicates the part of the
country they live in.

Sometimes I have suspicions as
to what branch of my enormous
extended family they may fit into,
but it is shear guess work at best.

So, just who are these people who
have never met me? Presumably they
know me well and think I know them
so well that all I need is a glance at a
blurry photo and a first name to instantly
place them.

Well, since I don't know who they are
or where they live I can't return the
season's greetings in person and I
guess this blog entry will have to do.

What if they are insulted because they
send me cards year after year and
I never reply?

Well, what do I care, after all, I have
no idea who they are anyway!

Happy Xmas,

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