Monday, May 12, 2008

Was CNBC totally unprepared for a contest? is again sponsoring an investor contest designed to gather
personal information.

OK, you have to give up something to enter contests with significent prizes.


AFTER they collect your information (either for the use of their
direct advertisers or to sell) it turns out that they weren't prepared
for the web traffic and I found it impossible to log on for 20
minutes, then, after 45 minutes, I was still unable to actually enter
the contest - that put me a day behind anyone who had been able to
enter and essentially out of the running.

I consider this fraud.

What do you think? Would you ever enter personal information to enter
a CNBC investment contest? I certainly hope not but gamble your
personal data at your own risk.


The trouble with learning things the hard way is that sometimes you
only get the one fatal lesson. - jm

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