Saturday, February 04, 2006

State of the Onion?

It makes you cry.

The president announced that he wants to save oil, but in 5 years he has done nothing toward that end and his biggest supporters are big oil companies along with Saudi Arabia's Royal Family so what do you expect?.

He also said the U.S. needs to vastly improve research in nanotechnology, supercomputing, and other high-tech fields, but the Federal research facilities are loosing funding and researchers.

China and India are surging ahead of us because they are educating many more engineers and scientists.

If POTUS really wanted to improve our technological standing in the world he would simply have called for full scholarships for all qualified H.S. seniors who majored in physics, math, chemistry, biology, computer science, or engineering in college.

But President Bush brags that he doesn't read newspapers, use a computer, or watch TV news (which explains a lot about New Orleans) so does he read a lot of books? If not, what does he know about high-technology.

Fortunately we here in Punxy are in the middle of coal country and business is booming. Coal is the only short-term cure for the energy shortage - a LOT of mines are going to open or expand.

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